The Montpellier School of Rock and Pop

english_bigThe Montpellier School of Rock and Pop is a place for creative people to get together and make music! Everyone can fit in whatever their interest, art, video, sound, music or song.

Our aim is to encourage young people to express themselves through music and video and to give them a space to meet up and work together.

We offer workshops, music lesson and practice space and organise concerts and productions which give participants an opportunity to showcase their work.

The Montpellier School of Rock and Pop is part of Easy Access English and all of our activities are in English. You can participate in our activities if you have an intermediate level in English and are aged 14 and above.

Contact us for answers to your questions or if you want to be part of our school.

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If you are an independent English speaking music teacher who wants to get involved please click here.

Rock and Pop Workshop

Our workshops take place in the summer holidays all in English. Learn about the history of Rock and Pop and form your own group, write a song, practice it and film a video.

Music Lessons for all levels

All of our music teachers are English speaking and they can offer initiation level, intermediate level or advanced level lessons in Drum and Guitar. Discover your inner rock star!

Video Workshop

Learn how to make simple music videos or blogs with this workshop. Express your creativity!

Social Media Workshop

Learn about the history of Social Media (in English) and about how you can protect your online reputation, take care of your image and promote your creations on the web.

Blogging and Vlogging Workshop

Learn about all that's fashionable in the world of blogging. Discover the history and main tendancies in this media and create your own vlog and blog, all in English.


Do you need a place to get together with your band? With the formula 'Bandwidth' you can purchase practice time. A card of ten sessions gives you ten opportunity to use our soundproofed air conditioned practice room for ten two-hour sessions (by appointment).